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Helping You With Divorce in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Newport News

Even when you realize your marriage has come to an end, it can be hard to take the next step. When you contact our team of divorce lawyers at Hofheimer Family Law Firm, you automatically gain support through a difficult process. Whether you’re going through a divorce in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Newport News, or surrounding areas in Virginia, we can help.

We Create a Safe Environment

At Hofheimer Family Law Firm, we only represent women in divorce, custody, and support cases. We have a unique perspective in how women are affected by family upheaval.

We understand the emotional reactions many women feel after a divorce—anger, distrust, depression, and sadness. When you inhabit a space in the unknown, it’s natural to feel fearful or upset when you think about the future.

We take into account the financial aspect of divorce, the effect on your children, and a multitude of other considerations you may not have thought of. We help you take control of your future and find the best possible outcome.

A skilled Virginia women’s divorce attorney can guide you through this unsettling time, helping you to achieve the outcome that you need and deserve.

Your Unique Divorce Concerns Addressed

The attorneys of Hofheimer Family Law Firm are trial tested, experienced, and caring individuals who have dedicated their lives and their law practices to providing outstanding divorce information and helping Virginia women like you.

Our firm is focused on helping you obtain a successful divorce. This comprehensive plan seeks to address all of your concerns, including, but not limited to:

• Your children – child support and parenting arrangements that will place your view of your child’s welfare at the highest level of importance.

• Your Finances – support and property settlements that acknowledge the numerous contributions you made to the marriage and provide you with your share of marital assets.

• Your future – Hofheimer Family Law Firm strives to ensure that you will have a secure future and will be well-equipped to start your new life.

The Guidance & Advice You Need During Your Virginia Divorce

We Walk You Through the Process

During a difficult process like a divorce, you may feel overwhelmed by all the legal aspects of your case. We help you become aware of your entitlements and rights so you receive a fair consideration during your divorce.

We will work with you to ensure that you understand every step of your divorce and will answer your questions in a thoughtful and respectful manner. Our monthly seminars will provide you and other Virginia women with critical information about the processes and nuances of divorce for women in Virginia.

We Protect Your Rights as a Woman Going Through a Virginia Divorce

Charlie Hofheimer and his wife of 43 years (and paralegal), Diane, founded this unique, woman-centric practice in 1992 and they have a long-established reputation as passionate advocates for women. Charlie has demonstrated his commitment to protecting the interests and rights of Virginia women since his days as student body President of the Law School of Washington and Lee University, where he successfully advocated with others for the admission of women to the law school.

Charlie has a demonstrable record of advocacy for women’s rights; a quality which enables him to understand and enthusiastically address the specific challenges of divorce for Virginia women.

Every attorney at Hofheimer Family Law Firm (which includes Charlie and Diane’s daughter Kristen) is similarly dedicated to providing quality service and divorce advice for Virginia women like you. Our team of Virginia divorce attorneys for women is experienced with issues of child custody, military divorce, financial settlements and other areas of concern for our female clients.

Contact a Virginia Divorce Attorney Who is Dedicated to Your Needs

You deserve a successful outcome for your Virginia divorce and the attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm will fight for you every step of the way.

Our Virginia divorce attorneys understand that the unknown is a scary place to inhabit and indecision is a dangerous place to dwell. We get that your future is uncertain, your finances unclear, and the future of your children is unknown.

Because of the law, however, you have a lot of things going for you. The worries that trouble you can often cloud your vision and your choices. Once you become familiar with your rights and entitlements, the veil of uncertainty is lifted and your ability to more clearly engage and determine your future is assured. But, to be engaged, to be knowing, and to be assured requires that you act.

So, let us share your personal experience with our unique legal experience and expertise to help you focus on and achieve what must be accomplished.

Contact Our Team Today

Schedule a one-hour legal consultation with one of our qualified divorce attorneys. We can help you get started with the legal process and give you sound advice that you can use throughout the divorce. Our Newport News lawyers can help you feel more prepared to deal with the journey ahead. Call us at (757) 785-9761 to make an appointment today.