Preparing financially for divorce

When I talk to women, whether in my office, at a Second Saturday Seminar, at Girl’s Night Out, or prior to signing up for Design Your Divorce, they usually tell me that the thing they’re worried the most about is their finances. How will they make it work—both during the separation, and after the divorce? They’re filled with so many questions and so much anxiety. Though there’s no doubt that, financially, divorce is often pretty tricky (because, after all, this isn’t like a personal injury case … [Read more...]

Big Money Mistakes in Virginia Divorce

Because I’m in the business of divorce, I often hear this joke. Question: “Do you know why divorce is so expensive?” (The joker then expects the jokee to say, “No, why?”) Answer: “Because it’s worth it!” (Then, of course, the jokee is supposed to roll with uncontrolled mirth.) Maybe I’m a humorless attorney, but I don’t think so. I personally just don’t find that joke very funny, and I doubt if many of my clients do, either. It’s not that I don’t think divorce is worth it; in fact, in most of … [Read more...]

Reminder: July Girl’s Night Out in Norfolk

Just in case you haven’t already, make sure you RSVP online now to attend our July 8th Girl’s Night Out event at the Ocean View Fishing Pier (on the top deck!) from 6-8pm. I know, I know—it’s no secret that we’re a Virginia law firm representing women only in divorce and custody cases. Still, no divorce or custody case is required for you to come! In fact, we don’t talk about divorce or custody at all. We provide these events as a service to local area women, so that they have an opportunity to … [Read more...]

Rights to Child Custody: A Non Parent’s Guide

Just because you don’t have a blood relationship to a child doesn’t mean that you don’t feel compelled to stay involved in a child’s life once you’ve already begun. You can have a relationship with a child for about a million different reasons, aside from any kind of familial ties you might have and, when the situation changes and you no longer have contact with a child for whom you’ve begun to care deeply, it’s difficult to adjust. You might start to wonder whether it’s possible to file for … [Read more...]

Grandparents Rights to Custody: A Guide for Mom

If you’re a mom and someone else, like your parents or your child’s father’s parents, are petitioning the court to get custody or visitation from you, you’re probably scared and upset. After all, don’t you have a right to make decisions about who your children should and shouldn’t be around? Aren’t you right to consider the personalities of the different people who might influence them in a way you don’t want them influenced? As a parent, don’t you have the right to raise your children as you … [Read more...]

Grandparents Rights to Custody: A Guide for Grandma

If you’re a grandparent and you’re seeking custody or visitation rights for your grandchild(ren), you’re not alone. Even though in many parents the grandparents work alongside the parents, providing extra help in the home, acting as stand-in nanny, and shuttling the kids to and from school, daycare, and their various activities, it’s not always that way. For many reasons (good, bad, and otherwise), the child’s parents may not wish for you to have further involvement. We hear complaints from … [Read more...]

Drafting Your Own Separation Agreement

These days, more and more people are committed to drafting their own separation agreements, or, really, doing pretty much whatever it takes to get divorced without hiring an attorney. As far as I know, there’s really nothing out there that can help you take on a litigated divorce (that is, a divorce where you have a trial and let the judge decide how everything will be divided) on your own, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you if you’re interested in drafting your own … [Read more...]