How to get MORE Virginia spousal support

You’re definitely not alone if you’re wondering, “is it possible to manage to get more spousal support from my soon to be ex husband?” Whether you and your husband (or your attorneys) have already begun discussing spousal support or not, you’re probably going over all your expenses in your mind and wondering how to negotiate (or, worst case scenario, litigate) to get the best award of support possible—both for your own sake, and for the sake of the rest of your family. I have had this same … [Read more...]

Types of Virginia Spousal Support

Just like there’s more than one way to skin a cat (I’ve always hated that saying), there are about a million different ways that spousal support can be configured, especially if you and your husband are committed to negotiating an agreement, rather than going to court to litigate your divorce. Of course, as we’ve discussed before, spousal support is complicated, and depends on 3 factors, including: (1) need and ability to pay, (2) the thirteen statutory factors, and (3) the length of … [Read more...]

What are my Virginia divorce rights?

Probably the question we get the most often, both in our initial consultations and at our Second Saturday seminars is this one: What exactly are my rights? It’s a vague question, and it isn’t one that has a simple answer, but I’m going to do my best to provide you as good of an answer as I can. I think the question most women are really getting at is “what am I entitled to receive?” or “what will I get in my divorce?” which is a little bit different. Still, I’m going to try to answer all … [Read more...]

Can my husband make me get a job after divorce?

In divorce, everything changes, especially the finances. Going from two incomes (to maintain just one household) to one income (maintaining the same household) can be jarring, especially if children are involved. When you add to it the costs of moving (including first and last month’s rent, security deposits, down payments, whatever), replacing the things that he kept, and retaining an experienced divorce attorney to help make sure that your soon to be ex doesn’t pull any fast ones, all on top … [Read more...]

Custody and Visitation of a Newborn

Sometimes, custody problems are evident immediately. Even though you and your child’s father may not be able to make it work romantically, though, that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to fail at parenthood, too. Even though it’s scary and emotionally charged to discuss the possibility of having anything less than complete and total custody, for most parents who aren’t married (or who don’t plan to stayIf we can agree on custody and visitation, what are our options? married), it’s a … [Read more...]

Second Saturday Divorce Seminar Update: What Every Virginia Woman Needs to Know About Divorce

We have been teaching our Second Saturday seminars in Virginia for nearly 25 years (though, of course, it wasn’t me personally!), because we feel like it’s important to give women who are considering a divorce or separation the facts they need to make the decisions they have to start making. The law is a tricky thing because it’s constantly changing. It also changes (sometimes dramatically) from state to state, so, even though most of us know someone who has been through a divorce before, … [Read more...]

Spousal Support: Marriages of 20+ Years

If you’ve reached the end (or very near the end) of a long term marriage, you probably have a lot of questions. Because you’ve made a lot of choices for the sake of your husband and family, you’re probably wondering, “What happens next?” If you’re wondering about spousal support, you’re not alone. When we’re thinking about spousal support, we’re thinking about three things. First, “Will I get spousal support at all?” Second, “How much spousal support might I receive?” Third, “How long can I … [Read more...]

Spousal Support: Marriages of 8-19 Years

When we’re thinking about spousal support, we’re thinking about three things. First, “Will I get spousal support at all?” Second, “How much spousal support might I receive?” Third, “How long can I receive spousal support?” In this article, we’ll discuss spousal support at length, including each of the three factors that relate to whether judges award spousal support (or, in the case of a divorce that’s negotiated, how attorneys negotiate support with each other), and how each of the three … [Read more...]

Spousal Support: Marriages of 1-7 Years

Spousal support is one of those areas of law where there is a lot of room for argument and interpretation. In many marriages, regardless of how long they lasted, no spousal support is awarded at all. Why? Well, spousal support was always intended to be need-based. In the olden days, spousal support (or alimony, as it used to be known) was awarded because wives weren’t able to support themselves financially outside of the home. If the parties wanted to divorce, the husband still had a financial … [Read more...]

Do I need to talk to an attorney?

When your marriage starts to go downhill, it’s normal to have questions.  What should I do?  Where will I go?  How will we take care of the kids and pay the bills?  Does divorce really cost as much as people say that it does?  What happens after divorce? What about the house, the retirement accounts, and the cars?  And, beyond that—what about starting over?  Finding a new place to live?  Starting over—alone? There are a lot of questions, and even fewer answers.  Sure, you can talk to your … [Read more...]