Do I need to talk to an attorney?

When your marriage starts to go downhill, it’s normal to have questions.  What should I do?  Where will I go?  How will we take care of the kids and pay the bills?  Does divorce really cost as much as people say that it does?  What happens after divorce? What about the house, the retirement accounts, and the cars?  And, beyond that—what about starting over?  Finding a new place to live?  Starting over—alone? There are a lot of questions, and even fewer answers.  Sure, you can talk to your … [Read more...]

Directions to Virginia Beach Office

Directions to Virginia Beach - Take exit 22 for Birdneck Rd toward Oceanfront Alt Route - Turn left onto N Birdneck Rd - Drive to intersection of Laskin Rd and Birdneck Rd - Drive directly across Laskin Rd and take right on feeder road - Our office would be on the left at the last office building before the stop sign … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Hofheimer Family Law Firm

Welcome to the Hofheimer Family Law Firm Bring any documents that will help  explain your options: - pre-nuptial or separation agreements, - any documents given to you by your husband, - any papers you may have been served with, - any court orders that may exist.  If child or spousal support is important to you - bring your most recent pay stubs, - your husband's most recent pay stubs, - tax returns, or - any other relevant financial documents that you think are … [Read more...]