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Title: 2023 Kristen D. Hofheimer Scholarship - Finalist - Honestie Kern
Author: Rob-Sadler
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Description: I am a single mother of a twelve year old son that is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Public Administration. It is my hope and dream to one day become a lawyer. I began my journey when I was introduced to the family law scene in 2016 after separating from my sons father. I gained experience and knowledge of how the court system operates and met a local guardian ad Litem that inspired me with her story. Overcoming domestic violence and dealing with the daily struggles of being a single mother is not an easy task. I work overnight at the hospital and attend George Mason part time in the pursuit of an education. When I am not at work or studying you will find me at the local baseball fields cheering on my son as he is very energetic and loves the game. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It would be used to help purchase a new laptop that I so desperately need for the fall semester.