Representing Women

in Divorce, Custody, & Support

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Envision where you’d like to be, and work backwards from there. In most cases, the divorce and custody attorney has a lot to do with where you wind up, and whether you’re capable of getting that fresh new start you’ve imagined.

At Hofheimer Family Law Firm, we have experience representing women only in divorce, custody, and support cases in Virginia. We’re familiar with your concerns, and we’ll work with you to help you create a custom solution that addresses your needs and priorities, and keeps your family’s well being at the forefront.

Representing Women Exclusively
in Divorce, Custody & Support


We’re as comfortable negotiating agreements as we are in the courtroom, and we’ll help make sure you get the result you deserve.


Legal separation is the framework for your divorce case; you’ll have to prove separation later.


Can you afford divorce? From support to property division and retirement, you should be asking these questions to help craft a better future.


Whether you negotiate an agreement or litigate custody and visitation, you’ll need to take steps to keep your children safe.


Could a team-based approach, with a commitment to staying out of court, be the right option for you? Learn about collaborative divorce

Our Reputation

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Sheera gave me information I never could’ve found

Sheera Herrell anticipated my questions almost before I could ask them. She provided thorough explanations of the process and my various options. The ease with which she presented the information and the fact that she made me feel completely comfortable. If or when I decide to proceed, I will definitely hire her. I just haven’t decided yet. There’s a lot to consider. I could never have found all this information on my own. She explained things rather than just presenting the facts. Although I have never sought a family law attorney, I believe I’m an excellent judge of character. To me, that is more important than some success rate.

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Caitlin Walters was knowledgeable and honest

I am specifically looking for an attorney with military divorce knowledge and experience. Caitlin listened with understanding. I attended a Saturday session years ago. This helped me understand the one on one process w/moving forward. I am working on collecting the money needed for the retainer and looking forward to working with this team.

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I expected a sharp and honest attorney and Lori was and more

She gave me an exceptional example of how she would potentially perform the job as my attorney and she showed everything I feel I need in my attorney. She was honest and professional. That is one of the reasons I am actually hiring Lori. I expected a sharp and honest attorney and she was and more. Your office is beautiful, professional looking, warm atmosphere, and the secretary is funny and very helpful. I had a great experience at the office, thank you for having a warm and accepting staff. I came in with lots of concern and Lori addressed everything I asked (I had a lot). Thanks for a soft place to land in this hectic situation.

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Lorna is helping me through a tough time

I am a mom with two children from two dads. When I spoke to Lorna, she was realistic and patient. I am looking forward to her help in this process.

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Ashli was knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly

Ashli listened to me and addressed my needs and concerns. My case seems pretty clear cut and she took extra care to make sure I felt at ease with the process. She also provided some advice on how to approach my finances prior to the separation agreement.

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Everything that could’ve gone right, did go right

Lori was very helpful in understanding about getting the process started. She was able to cover everything. If I wasn’t able to understand something she would explain it a different way so that I would be able to understand. She understood my situation.

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Ashli listened to everything I had to say

Ashli listened to everything I had to say. I think at some parts I was maybe talking too much. However, she just let me talk and gave me great advice. I did not feel as if I was rushed. She was confident in what she could do for my case and I believe she will be able to get me the important things I’m worried about. She truly cared and was very confident. I feel as though she will fight for myself and my child in the courtroom. She also was being realistic in what I should expect. I appreciated that about her because she did not want me to have false hope. I’m excited to finally have an Attorney that cares and is confident. She is not going to give me false hope. Thus, I know when she says she’s going to get something done, it’s the truth!

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Sheera is fighting hard for me

She understood my situation and the stress imposed by the whole process. She understood the errors in my divorce process as the duration of the process has gone on for so long.

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Caitlin had good attention to detail

Caitlin was very knowledgeable and was very easy to talk to. Very pleasant. I feel confident that she will take good care of my case. I left the consultation feeling like I was taken seriously, and that Caitlin cared about what I was going through.

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Lorna addressed my concerns

I am a mother of two children and one grandchild. She was a great listener and very compassionate. She addressed all of my needs and concerns.

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Lori is an amazing lawyer

…You did a GREAT job (as always) … Please know how much I appreciate everything you did – you’re an amazing lawyer …

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I thought Ashli was amazing.

I thought Ashli was amazing. I have met with many attorneys because I wanted someone that will fight for my children as if they were their own children to save them from abuse and molestation. I saw that in her…she presented herself very well. She was very eager to get to work.

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