Weekend Divorce


Your divorce.
Your privacy.
Your rules.
One weekend.
One flat fee.

Imagine checking in to your hotel suite on Friday, knowing that when you check out on Sunday, your divorce will be resolved. There will be no unsettled issues. No court dates, no time-and-money wasting delays and continuances, no missing work. No accruing legal fees. No waiting to move on with your life.

When you leave your suite on Sunday, you will leave the stress, uncertainty, and baggage of your divorce behind.

“A traditional divorce really isn’t ideal for me.”

In a traditional divorce, you have to prepare months in advance. In many cases, you’ll have to go to court several times—for pretrial motions and settlement conferences at the very least. Some divorces drag on for years.

You’ll also have to deal with living at-war your husband and his attorney. When you’re preparing for trial, it can be a nerve wracking experience, too, because it’s so adversarial. It feels abrasive and uncivilized. It’s uncomfortable to air your dirty laundry in public, especially when you’d prefer to keep it to yourself.

There’s a better way to get divorced!

Why not get divorced in a weekend?

You will spend the weekend in a private, upscale environment, where you can dress comfortably and speak freely, without the concern that your problems will become public knowledge.

You will have your attorney on-site and available by cell phone 24 hours a day. You can eat, drink, and take breaks when you need to.

You can even schedule a work-out, a swim, or a massage during the weekend if it will help you de-stress and feel your best.

How does Weekend Divorce Work?

You will work with your attorney, an experienced mediator, and, if you choose, with a neutral financial and child psychology expert. You and your attorney will come to the table with your husband and his attorney, and will rationally, amicably, and privately decide how your divorce will be resolved.

“What if we can’t agree?”

If you and your husband can’t reach a full agreement by Saturday evening, then on Sunday you will have a confidential trial – right there in a private hotel suite – on the issues that you cannot resolve by agreement. This trial will be different than a public trial at the courthouse. The procedure will be less formal, with rules focused on helping you feel at ease and comfortable. You will have your chance to tell your story. Your attorney will have an opportunity to present evidence and make arguments for your position. The decision resulting from the trial, along with the issues that were agreed upon, will become the terms of your divorce decree.

At the end of the weekend, you will check out with the terms of your divorce firmly in place.

Once you have been separated for the required period of time, your divorce papers will be submitted to the court by your attorney. You will not have to make a court appearance and you will not receive a bill. Everything is included in your flat fee.

If you really want or need an immediate divorce and have not been separated long enough for a Virginia no-fault divorce, you can take a divorce vacation to the sunny beaches of Guam, where there is no waiting period and a seven day stay satisfies the residency requirement.

Weekend Divorce is an excellent option for executives, professionals, and public figures whose need for privacy and control over their time and environment warrants a premium divorce program.