Breastfeeding as a Factor in Child Custody and Visitation Decisions

Custody cases are difficult, but when your child is breastfeeding, it’s even trickier! Moms can choose to breastfeed their babies for years, and, for many moms, breastfeeding is pretty central to the kind of mom they want to be. It’s an emotional decision, as well as a practical one, and the idea that a possible custodial arrangement could exist that would not respect the importance of the breastfeeding relationship is appalling to many moms.

But how do Virginia courts handle custody when the child in question is breastfeeding? It’s probably the first decision you really get to make for your child regarding how you plan to raise him or her, and the benefits to both mom and baby are well documented. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to have a baby and not encounter about a million different places that extoll the values of breastfeeding, and the importance of the breastfeeding relationship.

How is breastfeeding handled in custody? Find out in this free report, written by former Hofheimer Family Law managing partner, Kristen Hofheimer, for the UVA Law School Law Review.

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