Child Custody Survival Guide- What Every Woman Needs to Know

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Custody cases are complicated, and full of unique issues. In fact, no two custody cases are exactly the same—which can make preparing for one difficult and intimidating. That’s why we wrote “Child Custody Survival Guide” to help Virginia moms prepare for a custody case.

Don’t shoot from the hip and have an emotional reaction; take your time to prepare for your custody case, so you can walk confidently into the courtroom, knowing that you made the best decisions possible throughout your case. Protecting your children is your number one priority, and reading this book will help ensure that you’re in the best position possible to do just that.

By reading “The Woman’s Custody Survival Guide,” you’ll learn:

  • How custody is determined;
  • The difference between primary, shared, and split physical custody;
  • How the court looks at different issues in custody, like breastfeeding, same sex relationships, special needs children, and more;
  • How the ten best interests of the child factors impact custody cases (and what the court will be looking at in making a decision regarding custody and visitation of your children);
  • And much more.

It’s free, so why not? It’ll help you begin to plan your first steps, too, so you’ll know whether you should call a lawyer, or whether you might prefer to handle it yourself. You’re definitely going to want to get your free copy first, before you call an attorney, sign an agreement, or make any plans.

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