Special Issues in Virginia Child Custody Case: Physical or Sexual Abuse

Cases where we know or suspect that children have been physically or sexually abused are the worst. They’re made even more difficult by the fact that the cases themselves are pretty difficult to win. You’d think it’d be easy, wouldn’t you? But, in almost every case, the cases are minefields, filled with a million different ways that concerned moms can lose (yes, lose!) custody of their children.

If you know or suspect that your children have been physically or sexually abused, by their father or anyone else, you need to tread carefully. You need to plan every single step you might be forced to take over the coming days, weeks, and months—it’s that important!

A good way to start is to request a free copy of our report by clicking here. It at least begins to help provide you with the information you’ll need to protect your children. You can never start too early, read too much, or be too careful. These cases are difficult, even if you have years of family law experience, so you’ll want to start preparing now.

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