Special Issues in Virginia Child Custody Case: Relocation

Being stuck living somewhere you don’t want to be isn’t a position any mom wants to find herself in. After all, where you live, especially once you have kids, has a lot to do with the kind of lifestyle you enjoy. Whether you’re able to leave the children in the care of a trusted family member, or whether you feel that you’re almost completely without support—it makes a huge difference in your happiness and your physical and emotional well being (not to mention the well being of your children).

When you move somewhere because of your relationship, you make sacrifices. Maybe you even gave up on a job. At the time, you may have thought they were sacrifices well worth making, but, in retrospect, once things didn’t work out, you might find yourself feeling differently.

Can you move? And, if you move, can you take the children with you? What happens when you become disenchanted with the life you’re currently living, and want to re-make it somewhere else? How do the courts feel?

In this e-report, we provide insight into how Virginia courts deal with relocation cases. Whether you’re moving thirty minutes away, or whether you’re hoping to move across country, you may run into some bumps down the road if your case ends up in the courts. You’ll want to request your free copy of our relocation report now, to make sure you aren’t surprised later on. Request your free copy today!

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