Can my ex still have an effect on my credit score after our divorce in Virginia?

After your Virginia divorce is final, it would be nice to be able to sit back, rest and plan on how you'll rebuild your life after this traumatic process. Unfortunately, many people find that financial problems from their divorce follow them into their post-divorce life.

Credit issues are very common "ghosts" that may tend to follow you after divorce. If you or your spouse had shared credit cards and accounts, you may end up being responsible for this debt after your Virginia divorce is finalized. Remember that debt acquired during the marriage is typically viewed as "marital property" and thus, is divided between the former spouses.

But what are the circumstances in which the debt is not actually a product of your marriage? A former spouse may not pay the balance that was already on the credit cards at the time of your divorce even though he agreed to do so, or he may continue to use the cards after your Virginia divorce and not be able to make the payments. If this happens, the debt will be seen as your own and your credit score will suffer.

The best time to avoid this stress and protect your credit score is before your Virginia divorce. Checking your credit report at this time is essential, as is severing all financial ties with your spouse, especially those involving credit cards.

If you find that there is credit debt in your name after divorce, you need to do your part to get it resolved. This usually means dealing directly with the credit card company and attempting to work out a solution. This may seem unfair and difficult but it's necessary if you want to save your credit score after Virginia divorce.

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