Can my husband’s attorney represent me when we go to sign the Virginia separation agreement, or do I need my own lawyer?

While it may be tempting to try and "save money and/or time" by asking your husband's attorney to represent you when you prepare to sign your Virginia separation agreement, you MUST hire your own Virginia Beach divorce attorney to ensure that your best interests are protected during this time.

A divorcing couple cannot have the same Virginia Beach divorce attorney representing them in a separation or divorce, as this would be considered a conflict of interest, which is a very serious ethical breech in the legal world.

Even if this were a permissible situation (and it's not) consider how risky a venture this would be. Instead, by having your own attorney to help you when preparing the Virginia separation agreement, you know that the attorney is watching out for your best interests, first and foremost.

The only time that you and your estranged husband can share the services of a divorce professional is when you are working through mediation or a Virginia collaborative divorce. Even then, it is highly advised that you retain the services of your own Virginia Beach divorce attorney to protect your best interests.

You may also find that your needs are better met by hiring a Virginia Beach divorce attorney or law firm who focuses on handling separation and divorce cases for women only. An attorney with such a niche practice will understand the issues and circumstances that are relevant to a modern Virginia woman, and should have experience advocating for fair settlements for their female clients.

When going through a Virginia separation, you should have your Virginia Beach divorce attorney review all documents before you sign them. A Virginia separation agreement is a legally-binding document, and changing the terms of your Virginia separation agreement can be difficult if your signature is already on the dotted line. Your Virginia Beach divorce attorney can help you decide if the agreement is fair and if any changes need to be made during the negotiation process.

Contacting a Virginia Beach Divorce Attorney for Women Only

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