Do financial disagreements often lead to divorce in Virginia?

Yes, financial disagreements are one of the leading factors in divorce. Virginia couples who persistently argue about money or who take part in financial betrayals often find that these problems have irreparably eroded the marriage.

Money is a touchy subject in most families and can spark deep and intense emotional reactions in people. When a Virginia couple gets married, they vow to share everything, including their finances and other holdings as well as the plans, dreams and goals that are attached to these assets.

If money is hidden or misappropriated by a spouse, this can lead to similar feelings of shock, anger and pain as would by brought on by the discovery of adultery.

Sometimes, the sheer stress and worry that comes with debt or inability to pay various bills can be enough to drive a couple apart and make them consider a Virginia divorce.

If financial disagreements are an issue in your marriage, they will certainly be an issue in your Virginia divorce.
It’s important that you contact an experienced Newport News divorce attorney to get advice about your case.

Your Newport News divorce attorney is there to help you, so be sure to be completely honest with him or her about the financial disagreements that you and your spouse are going through, even if your own behavior with money contributed to the breakdown of the marriage.

Contacting a Newport News Divorce Attorney

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