Does a father have to pay child support if he never married the mother?

In a Virginia child support claim between unmarried parents of a child, the easiest way to require a father to pay child support is to have evidence that he is an “acknowledged father” of the child. An acknowledged father is the biological father of the child as determined by personal admission by the father or through DNA testing.

Additionally, a man who never married the child’s mother, but welcomed the child into his home and openly regards the child as his own may be found to be required to pay Virginia child support. In some cases, the presumption of paternity is considered conclusive, meaning it cannot be disproved even with contradictory blood tests.

The best way to prove a Virginia child support claim that involves the father of your child when you are not married to him is through a legally accepted blood test.
The state of Virginia is contracted with LabCorp to provide adequate DNA testing for establishing legal paternity.

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