How Do I Keep Her From Being Around The Children?

In this case, the her is your husband’s new girlfriend. Generally, any judge in Virginia will enter an order prohibiting any contact between you and your boyfriend or your husband and his girlfriend and those orders are almost exclusively mutual. The different judges in different circumstances may require different language for those orders. It may be as simple as no contact at all with any person and who you or your husband have a romantic interest. It maybe be much more detailed. It may state for example that this person not be present when the children are there between the hours of 11PM and 6AM or some other timeframe. It may just say that there will be no overnight visits with the paramour in the presence of the children. This is probably the most common language and it has been granted in my experience in 99.99% of the cases in which it sought.

The ongoing, in the future obviously is not going to be a realistic endeavor. The children will at some point preferably, after a divorce is final be allowed to meet other person’s in whom you and your then ex-spouse may have a romantic interest. It is the overnight visitation during the child’s formative years that the court is going to be looking to enforce the public policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which would prohibit the cohabitation between the unmarried parties.