I’m not wealthy; should I still consider a prenuptial agreement in the case of a Virginia divorce?

Having a prenuptial agreement is a good idea even if you're not wealthy. The simple premise for this is if you were to one day seek a Virginia divorce, a prenuptial agreement gives you and your husband more control over what happens to your assets, as opposed to a judge.

In some ways, it's just common sense. Would you want someone who is a complete stranger to your marriage, someone you've never met, to make decisions that could permanently alter your financial well-being? A prenuptial agreement shifts that control to you and your husband should you one day file for a Virginia divorce.

Even if you're just starting out and don't feel you have the assets to justify a prenuptial agreement, you and/or your spouse likely want to succeed and grow your career. With this in mind, chances are, you may have some income gains throughout the years as you climb the corporate ladder.

Discussing and putting on paper how you'll both handle finances will help keep you from unwelcome surprises if a Virginia divorce is one day on the horizon. To be sure of your options for a prenuptial agreement, you may want to have a consultation with a Virginia divorce attorney.

Talking with a Virginia divorce attorney offers other benefits as well. For instance, laws change state to state in regards to what is fair when dividing property in a divorce. A Virginia divorce attorney could best inform you of how Virginia's divorce laws could affect you should you one day file for divorce without the protection of a prenuptial agreement.

If you decide to create a binding prenuptial agreement, a Virginia divorce attorney can walk you through the entire process.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

The decision to file for divorce usually comes at the end of a long and painful journey. In addition to the emotional turmoil involved, there's also a lot of fear and uncertainty about what the future holds. Concerns about children, mortgages and even just paying the bills or buying groceries can easily become overwhelming.

A Virginia divorce attorney at Hofheimer Family Law Firm can examine the specifics of your case to help you decide how much support to ask for, what child custody arrangement will work best for you and your children, and how to fairly divide your marital assets. Request a FREE copy of our divorce book for women in Virginia, or reserve your seat at our monthly divorce seminar – 757-425-5200.