Is it OK to take financial advice from my ex-husband if we are on good terms after our Virginia divorce?

A Virginia divorce can be overwhelming on many fronts, finances included. While it may seem like a good idea to ask your ex-husband's advice on financial topics, truthfully, it is best for you to deal with these issues on your own in order to gain financial independence.

Household finances can be intimidating, especially if you have never been in control of them before. Budgets, investments and retirement plans are important issues and should be treated as such.

Just because your ex-husband has knowledge of your financial situation doesn't mean that he is the right person to consult with, even if you have a good relationship with him or he is experienced in the financial industry. That does not mean his advice is always correct or that there isn't anyone better to help you look after your finances after your Virginia divorce. Financial independence should be your goal.

Find a Financial Advisor

It is easy enough to find a financial advisor. Ask for recommendations from your attorney or other successful friends, family and co-workers in your life. Meet with a couple of people and choose a financial advisor who understands your goal of financial independence after your Virginia divorce, and who you feel will help you attain it in addition to your other investment goals.

Trust Your Instincts

It's also important to trust your own instincts when building financial independence. Review your latest bills and determine whether there are changes you can make that will affect your monthly budget. Maybe you aren't using all of the minutes on your cell phone plan. Can you change plans and pay less per month? Can you take the extra money and put it in a savings account or mutual fund?

Gaining financial independence doesn't need to be intimidating and you shouldn't need to rely on your ex for advice. Find a new support system and trust yourself.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

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