Is there anything that is off-limits to discuss with my Virginia Beach divorce attorney?

During your divorce, some personal information may need to be brought to light and discussed with your Virginia Beach divorce attorney. This can be a difficult part of the divorce process for many women, especially those who consider themselves to be private people by nature.

At times, however, some clients become so comfortable with their attorneys that they get carried away and confide more than is called for in an attorney-client relationship.

Your Virginia Beach divorce attorney is a trusted professional and your guide through the legal intricacies of the divorce process. He or she is not a trained therapist or counselor, so extensively discussing your emotional state with your attorney won't be very productive or healthy for the attorney-client relationship.

A good attorney will be caring and understanding about the fact that divorce is a highly emotional event. It's not unusual for clients to express some emotions while explaining the circumstances of their divorce, but looking to an attorney for advice on personal issues is a different story.

If you're wondering whether a particular line of discussion is appropriate with your Virginia Beach divorce attorney, a good rule of thumb is to ask, "Does this pertain to any legal aspects of my case?" If the answer is no, then it's probably a topic best reserved for different company (and possibly one that won't cost you in billable hours).

Managing your divorce is all about balance. When your marriage is ending, you have legal needs, which are best served by your Virginia Beach divorce attorney, and you have emotional needs, which can be handled by a counselor, family members, and friends.

When you adhere to this approach, you'll make better use of your time with your attorney, maintain a strong attorney-client relationship, and give yourself a better chance of a successful divorce.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

At this vulnerable time, it's critical that you have exceptional legal representation that not only understands the specifics of your case, but is dedicated to your best interests and that of your family.

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