I’ve remarried. Does that mean my ex-husband is off the hook for Virginia child support?

Even if you have remarried, your ex-husband must still pay Virginia child support if you are the custodial parent. The only way your husband can get off the hook for child support is if your new spouse adopts your child. You should discuss the adoption with your Virginia Beach divorce lawyer first to make sure it is in the best interest of both you and your child.

If your ex-husband is paying Virginia child support and goes on to have children with his next wife, he is still obligated to make payments. However, he may ask the court to modify the Virginia child support order to account for his additional responsibilities. In order to do this, a request must be filed with the court. In most cases, the court will not modify the order simply because the ex-husband has a new family.

If you are currently facing Virginia child support issues, you should immediately contact an experienced Virginia Beach divorce lawyer. Your attorney will advocate that you receive a fair Virginia child support order and can help you if your ex-husband decides to stop making payments.

Your getting remarried is not a legally-recognized excuse for your children's father to stop taking responsibility for his children, and an attorney can file the necessary requests with the court in order to obtain your Virginia child support.

Speak with a Virginia Beach divorce lawyer today if you have any questions regarding your Virginia child support. At Hofheimer Family Law Firm, we understand that the health and happiness of your children is your #1 concern. We will work with you to address any fears and anxieties you may have about your children's future. Our women's-only divorce attorneys will guide you every step of the way to advocate that you achieve the best possible child custody and child support arrangements for you and your children.

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