Request For The Production Of Documents

The RPD—that’s the short term for request for production of documents. That’s asking your husband for copies of statements of his bank account, his credit card statements, his investment statements, retirement statements, perhaps his benefit statements that he gets from work. In other words, what we’re doing is trying to ascertain exactly what assets he has and we’re asking him for copies of any documents that are in his possession or that he has likely access to in order to make sure that we know what he possesses.

Now, let’s say that he says that he has thrown them all away or destroyed them, we do have other weapons at our disposal, however, the request for production of documents particularly for parties work together is the least expensive way to get the information that’s required in order to make sure that our clients are getting what they were entitled to.

So, the request for production of documents like interrogatories are another weapon in your quiver of arrows as we go through the divorce process.