What can be amended on a Virginia child support agreement?

In a divorce, the court uses specific guidelines to determine the amount of the Virginia child support order; however, in some cases, the order can be amended. While the court assumes the calculated order is sufficient, it may be increased or decreased based on a number of factors.

When asking for a Virginia child support order amendment, the court may consider the child custody arrangements. For example, if one spouse has primary custody of the children, but the other spouse has them every weekend and several days during the week, the amount of the child support order may be amended.

The court may look at the amount of payments that the parent is making towards health insurance for the children, and deduct that from the Virginia child support order amount.

Standard of living during the marriage may be used when amending a child support order. The age, mental and physical condition of the children may also be considered.

If a parent is voluntary unemployed, or seeks underemployment, in order to pay less in child support, the court will take this into account when amending the Virginia child support order.

Amending a child support order requires the help of an experienced Virginia divorce attorney. Your attorney can help you file the proper paperwork and request a hearing in order to amend your Virginia child support order.

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