What is a Custody Evaluator?

A custody evaluator in a Virginia child custody case is a qualified individual involved in the analysis of the parents and children involved in a child custody arrangement.

The Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators is an organization that registers and verifies the credentials of custody evaluators. They can provide a list of locally registered individuals should you need to choose a custody evaluator.

The custody evaluator in your Virginia child custody case should be unbiased toward both parents and be seeking a decision that is in the best interest of your children. They will conduct interviews to determine living conditions as well as evaluate each parent’s lifestyle and ability to care for their children. The final report from the custody evaluator is in many cases the final say in a Virginia child custody case.

You do not have confidentiality in the interview
; anything you say in your interview to the custody evaluator may be repeated in the final report. It’s important to remain unbiased and refrain from unnecessarily negative opinions of the other parent. You should also be careful not to coach your children to say anything untrue or unfair about their other parent, but to be truthful when talking to the custody evaluator.

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