What is Deposition?

I do depositions all the time. We use them in very few cases because frankly they are expensive but a deposition is where I bring your husband in to our office and we question him under oath about anything relevant to the divorce and to the marriage and thus he would come to our office with is attorney. There would be a court reporter present. You would be present. I would be present and we would question your husband about any relevant topic to the divorce; fault, income, assets, custody, anything that we wanted to get information from your husband or from other witnesses. I mean if he has a girlfriend we would probably want to do her deposition or we might have an expert witness regarding the value of his company, his expert witness that is. So a deposition is a pretty valuable tool though it is more expensive and certainly we don’t use them in every divorce case by any stretch but there they are probably used in five percent of the divorce cases, particularly and obviously if there are contested cases and there is information that we don’t know that we need to know so that’s the real value of a deposition.