What should I do if my spouse has committed adultery?

If your husband has had an affair, your next moves depend to some extent on the particular circumstances of the event. If your spouse has ended the affair and wants to remain with you, you have to decide whether you are willing and able to save your marriage. Only you can make this decision based on the history of your relationship and your personal feelings about the situation.

If you choose to stay with your husband, the two of you will need to work on rebuilding the trust in your marriage, which in most cases is a challenging task. If you or your husband wants to end the marriage, you will need to seek the counsel of a Virginia divorce attorney.

While you might be hurt and upset by this turn of events, you need to focus on taking the proper steps to ensure that your rights and assets and are protected in the event of a divorce.

When you make the decision to end your marriage, it's best to simply hire a Virginia divorce attorney without any fuss or confrontation with your husband. Doing this will simplify the process and enable you to have the professional legal guidance you need before making any other decisions.

The state of Virginia takes adultery quite seriously. If adultery can be proven, you can usually obtain a divorce without the required 6-month to 1-year waiting period of separation.

Virginia recognizes certain fault-based grounds for divorce, and adultery can in some instances affect things like the allocation of marital property and other decisions of the court.

Each divorce is unique and you should direct all your questions and concerns about your case to your Virginia divorce attorney.

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