Who Wins: Custody in Contested Cases

Every mom’s biggest fear is losing custody of her kids. And, in a Virginia custody case, her biggest fear could be realized.

Most of the time, when custody comes up, moms and dads reach agreements about how custody and visitation will be handled. That’s not to say, of course, that it’s easy, or that they don’t have to work hard to co parent together and reach an agreement that takes everyone’s best interests into account, but, ultimately, the majority of the time most people are able to eventually reach an agreement regarding custody and visitation.

That’s not always possible, though. Not every mom is able to reach an agreement with her child’s father. In those cases, the ones where an agreement simply can’t be reached, the parties have little choice but to go to court.

Going to court is pretty scary, though, and, in many ways, it’s like gambling. You roll the dice, and you see what happens—and you’re kind of stuck with it! Though custody, visitation, and support are modifiable in the Virginia courts based on a material change in circumstances, and they’re also appealable to the circuit court if you note your appeal quickly enough, you’re still stuck—at least temporarily—with the bad decision first. There’s a lot at stake and, before you jump into filing petitions for custody, visitation, or child support, you’d be wise to consider whether you’ll get what you’re after in court (or whether you’re taking an unnecessary risk).

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