amicable divorce

Divorce Selfies

Everyone takes selfies these days. As camera phones have improved and social networks are quickly and easily connected to our mobile devices, it has become easier and easier to post and share and like pictures that we share, or that are shared by our friends, almost in real time. Almost as far back as I…

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The Disadvantages of Mediation

Many women, when faced with the possibility of a divorce, try to think of alternatives to the traditional divorce. Most people are wary of hiring an attorney at all, whatever the reason. Lawyers, after all, don’t have the best reputation. They’re expensive, for one thing, and they’re difficult to deal with. Everyone has probably heard…

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Virginia Collaborative Divorce

You have a lot of different options available to you when it comes to divorce. You have so many options, in fact, that many of the women that I see in my consultations or at my Second Saturday divorce seminars are convinced that there are many different “kinds” of divorce from which to choose. To hear…

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