6 Things You Should Know About Social Media and Divorce

Everyone is on social media these days, and it seems that, over time, the lines between what is appropriate to share and what is inappropriate to share have become blurred. Some people are tempted to share absolutely everything, including details on every single thing they ate that date, how they feel about some guy who…

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A Virginia Divorce Attorney’s Advice to Anna Duggar

The internet is a cruel place, particularly for the scorned and shamed. These days, Josh Duggar (along with Jared from Subway) is pretty much at the top of that list. As far as the internet is concerned, he is persona non grata. So, who the heck is Josh Duggar? He is, as you probably already…

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Social Media and Divorce: What Ashley Madison Has Taught Us

Social media is fast becoming a really serious problem in divorce and custody cases, and not just for husbands who were caught with profile on Ashley Madison. Social media sites are all over the place, and easily offer millions and millions of people the opportunity to screw up their relationships pretty much 24/7. If the…

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The Ashley Madison Hack: A Divorce Lawyer’s Perspective

With all of the recent hullabaloo surrounding the Ashley Madison website hack, people have been asking me a lot of questions about what it means for divorce in Virginia. It’s interesting. What would be regarded as a (first world) problem of epic proportions if the hack had released people’s credit card information (like the Target…

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