Why Would I File A Contested Divorce In Virginia?

In many cases, it’s not necessary to use fault based grounds for divorce. After all, if you file on fault, you’ll have to litigate to prove to the judge that your grounds exist. Because, depending on the grounds, different civil and criminal penalties apply, you’ll have to meet a specific burden of proof, and that…

Can I sign this prenuptial agreement?

Women frequently bring us in already drafted agreements for our review and comment. Usually, a drafted agreement – whether it’s a prenuptial agreement, a marital agreement, or a separation agreement – includes some sort of language that says there’s been a full and frank disclosure of the assets and liabilities, and also that each party…

Bankruptcy and Divorce

If you have more debts than assets and you feel like you’re drowning, it may be that divorce shouldn’t be your first thought. Let’s break it down a little bit. Because, of course, financially, divorce CAN help, especially if there are some issues (like his general extravagance) that you want to get out from under….

Should I sign…? Separation Agreements in Virginia

I met with a woman the other day who had a separation agreement – prepared by her mediator – that she wanted me to review. She had gone to mediation with her husband, and then they had modified the agreement. She wanted me to tell her whether it was a fair offer for her. It…