Avvo, FindLaw, SuperLawyers: What does it mean?

It’s hard to pick an attorney. How do you know who is any good? How do you know whether they’ve handled cases like yours? How do you know whether they’re as comfortable in a courtroom as behind a desk? How do you know…anything at all? Law firm websites are full of glossy headshots of attorneys…

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Can I trust Avvo to help me choose my Virginia divorce attorney?

More and more people these days turn to Avvo for help finding the perfect attorney to help them in a wide range of situations. In fact, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past six months, you’ve probably seen the commercials. In case you haven’t, click here.  It’s really pretty funny, and…

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Avvo Client’s Choice Award

Every so often, we like to toot our own horn. When one of our own is recognized for something exceptional, I like to talk about it. When Kristen Hofheimer got the Avvo Client’s Choice award, I knew it was something worth talking about. Everyone knows Avvo these days from their witty (?) television commercials, depicting all…

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How much does divorce cost?

When people start shopping around for divorce attorneys, they are definitely concerned about the price.  The thing is, though, it’s not like shopping at a regular store.  You can’t see that there are different, specific prices associated with different options.  Take car shopping for example.  You can’t see, at a glance, that there’s a definite…

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