When settlement isn’t settling in Virginia divorce

Use numbers: when settlement isn’t settling Mike and Karen are getting a divorce. In Karen’s initial consultation, I discovered that they owned a $300,000 house with $100,000 in equity. They each had 401(k) accounts, earned entirely during the marriage, worth about $125,000 each. They had about $60,000 in savings, and $5,000 in their checking account….

The decisions you make can affect your divorce

The decisions that you make can affect your divorce.  “My life is in your hands,” my clients tell me, tearfully, all the time. To some degree, of course, it’s true. What we do is important, it matters deeply to our clients, and can have long lasting personal and financial implications.  Still, when it comes to…

Fault Based Grounds for Divorce

Most people, at some point or other, really want to explore all of their options when it comes to divorce. For most people, too, that starts with carefully considering fault based grounds. They’re definitely appealing. For a lot of people, selecting from among the fault based grounds of divorce feels almost compulsory, if those grounds…