Health Insurance Coverage After Divorce

Health insurance coverage post-divorce is one of the things that I often see that keeps people married for long after they want to be. I have plenty of cases sitting on my shelf where we’ve negotiated a separation agreement but the parties ultimately decide not to finalize the divorce because they’re receiving health care coverage….

Divorce Disabled Wife

Divorce is scary at the best of times, but if you’re suffering from a disability, it can be even worse. Everyone is worried about how, after divorce, they’ll be able to afford a lifestyle that is even remotely similar to the one they’ve been enjoying. When we’re talking less about paying for a house and…

Permanent Health Care After Divorce

There are lots of things that women want to have included in their separation agreements, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to some things, we’re limited by what the law allows. What DOES the law allow you to divide or award in divorce? There are lots of things that…