College Expenses in Virginia Custody Cases

One thing to remember about custody and visitation cases in Virginia (and everywhere else) is that you’re playing a long game. So many parents get wrapped up in the next court hearing and tie all their hopes and dreams on it, when, in reality, contested cases usually play out over years and years of hearings….

Child Support and Shared Custody

Today, I’ve been practicing family law, representing women exclusively, for a little over 9 years. I’m inching ever closer towards a decade of dedicated, women only, divorce and custody practice. There are still new, novel issues that present themselves – I am told, from veterans like Lori Michaud and Sheera Herrell, that it is always this way, even…

College Costs in Virginia Divorce

College is expensive. I know, I know – not exactly rocket science, right? And, especially in my cases where there are older teenage children, my conversations often begin and end on college education and the costs associated with it. I talk to mothers all the time, and they’re all super concerned about their kids well…

College expenses in Virginia divorce

I have a nephew. Just one. He is the very first, though I’m sure a few more will follow pretty quickly. Before my nephew was born, we hadn’t had a kid in the family since my brother, my sister, and I were young—and, obviously, that has been awhile. My nephew is the first grandchild for…