Postpartum Depression and Divorce

Bringing a baby into the world is, simultaneously, one of the most wonderful and most terrifying things that can happen to a woman. Having done it twice now myself – both c-sections, the first one an emergency – I can attest to that, for sure. I don’t think I fully appreciated the changes that motherhood…

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Getting Supervised Visitation in Virginia Custody Cases

Getting Supervised Visitation in Virginia Custody If I had a quarter for every time a client asked me about supervised visitation, I’d have an awful lot more quarters than the number of cases where I’ve seen supervised visitation actually get awarded. It’s not like an annulment, which is essentially a unicorn, but it’s not very…

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Do I need a therapist in my Virginia divorce?

Do I need a therapist in my Virginia divorce? On Monday, I talked about divorce coaches and how useful they can be in Virginia divorce. I talked a lot about the emotional issues that many women face during the divorce process, and how important it is to deal with those issues alongside the divorce related…

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Virginia Divorce Coaches

Divorce isn’t an easy process, no matter who you are. If you’re feeling anxious and depressed and overwhelmed and emotional, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s totally normal to be feeling any one or some combination of all of those feelings. Divorce involves tremendous changes that are difficult (and even traumatic) for people to handle….

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