Grounds for Virginia Divorce

My college roommate/best friend texted me this morning to ask whether, in my professional opinion, a recent transgression of her husband’s was grounds for divorce. She included a picture, of a bottle of syrup, with the name “Vermont Maid” proudly displayed across the bottle. I should probably also mention: my friend, Erin, is from Vermont….

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Fault Based Grounds for Divorce

Most people, at some point or other, really want to explore all of their options when it comes to divorce. For most people, too, that starts with carefully considering fault based grounds. They’re definitely appealing. For a lot of people, selecting from among the fault based grounds of divorce feels almost compulsory, if those grounds…

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Divorce during the holidays: part one

It’s not easy to think about divorce at any time during the year, but it’s especially difficult during the holiday season. The urge to be one big happy family, at least for the kid’s sake, is stronger than ever. It feels selfish to admit out loud, or even just to yourself, that things just aren’t…

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Desertion in Virginia

In Virginia, there are both fault and no fault grounds for divorce. Many people believe, for whatever reason, that if they have fault grounds they should absolutely use them. The way the law is written, if a party has made what they deem a “negative non-monetary contribution” to the marriage, the judge may consider it…

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