Divorce Paperwork

You’ve Googled, and still you’ve found nowhere reputable that offers anything even close to approximating the kind of divorce paperwork you’d need to file for divorce on your own – without the help of a divorce and family law attorney – in Virginia. There’s Legal Aid, but, of course, they won’t help unless you’re really…

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The Disadvantages of Mediation

Many women, when faced with the possibility of a divorce, try to think of alternatives to the traditional divorce. Most people are wary of hiring an attorney at all, whatever the reason. Lawyers, after all, don’t have the best reputation. They’re expensive, for one thing, and they’re difficult to deal with. Everyone has probably heard…

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Drafting Your Own Separation Agreement

These days, more and more people are committed to drafting their own separation agreements, or, really, doing pretty much whatever it takes to get divorced without hiring an attorney. As far as I know, there’s really nothing out there that can help you take on a litigated divorce (that is, a divorce where you have…

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