Divorce Support Groups

There’s no question that going through a divorce or custody case is difficult in more ways than one.  Whenever we talk to women, particularly women who are at the beginning of the process, they cite a whole laundry list of concerns that are keeping them lying awake at night. Whether their concerns are more emotional…

Support for divorcing Virginia women

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. I know some people really get worked up about this holiday in particular, but I really have never been a big fan. I’m not single, but, even when I was, I always kind of felt like the holiday was a good reason to stay in, rather than go…

Divorce Life Hacks and Support

Going through a divorce isn’t easy. It isn’t easy for anyone, no matter what specific issues brought you to where you are today. No matter what you’re going through, you don’t want to be defined by your divorce. You, like any woman facing adversity, want to come out on the other side, better, stronger, and…

Virginia Divorce Support Group

Divorce is difficult. Even though we all know someone who has been divorced, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to have an open line of communication to discuss all the deep rooted fears that are plaguing you throughout the process. Even if you are talking to someone, whether a friend or a professional, it’s difficult….