divorce questions

What happens in an initial consultation for divorce or custody?

  We get a lot of consultations that are scheduled, and then rescheduled, rescheduled again, and sometimes even flat out cancelled. I get it. It’s scary. And coming in for a divorce consultation with a real lawyer can seem like a step that you may or may not be ready to take. I’ve compared it…

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Should I sign this separation agreement?

Should I sign this separation agreement? Every so often I hear from a woman who, panicked, tells me she has to have a separation agreement reviewed TODAY. She has to sign it right now, or there’ll be dire consequences. It’s an emergency! It has to be done now! I hate these conversations for a lot…

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Am I being unrealistic in my Virginia divorce?

No two divorces are ever the same—though, obviously, there are some similarities. Still, women come into our office all the time asking for very different things. One tells us she doesn’t really care about anything, she just wants out. Others tell us, over and over, that they think they should receive astronomical levels of support…

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