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All I Need is an Uncontested Divorce

If you and your husband are already pretty much in agreement, that’s great! Still, there are procedural steps that you’re going to want to take to protect yourself, and to ensure that as you move towards an uncontested divorce, you’re in as strong of a position as possible. What do I need to get an…

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Do It Yourself Virginia Divorce

You’d think that what constitutes “do it yourself”, especially when it comes to a divorce or custody case, would be pretty clear.  A do it yourself resource is one that allows you to do it yourself (duh).  The best types of do it yourself resources would take you through from start to finish and explain…

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How are Virginia military divorces different?

How are Virginia military divorces different? If you’re active duty military, retired active duty military, you’re married to an active duty military service member, or even if you’re married to a retired active duty military service member, there will be some components of your divorce that are a little bit different than traditional civilian divorce….

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Sheera Herrell Taking Over as Managing Attorney and CEO of Hofheimer Family Law

Sheera Herrell Taking Over as Managing Attorney and CEO of Hofheimer Family Law We’re both excited and incredibly sad to announce that big things are under way at Hofheimer Family Law. If you know us, you know that for the last 25 years (yes, 25!) we’ve been dedicated to representing women only in divorce, custody,…

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Negotiating Your Virginia Divorce

Most of the time, divorce is a negotiating process. It’s like haggling and, if you’re like me, and haggling always made you super uncomfortable, don’t worry. It’s really not so bad. There is a lot of posturing, though, and oftentimes the first offer isn’t a very good offer (so the tendency is for some women…

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Already divorced, but need more help

Question: I’m already divorced, but I need some help. My ex husband and I drafted our own separation agreement, signed it, and moved forward with our uncontested divorce. Now, I want to do whatever I need to do to make sure I get my share of my husband’s retirement. Our agreement is very short, and…

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3 Mistakes Women Make Drafting Separation Agreements

We’ve talked about it before, and we’ll talk about it again. Women all over Virginia (and, I assume, all over the rest of the country) are drafting their own separation agreements rather than hiring attorneys to do it. The reality is that there are many mistakes women make drafting separation agreements.   Statistically, most people…

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Drafting a Separation Agreement

One of the main principles when it comes to drafting a separation agreement is that its legal if you and your husband have signed it. It doesn’t have to look a certain way or include specific words; it can be legal even if it was written on a beverage napkin or an old receipt. Of course, you…

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He sent me a Virginia separation agreement — what do I do now?

Talking about getting a divorce is not really good preparation for what it feels like when your husband starts to move your divorce forward. No matter how you feel about the divorce, it’s uncomfortable, disconcerting, and downright alarming when you find out that he’s been to see an attorney and is starting the divorce process…

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What are my options if I can’t afford to hire a Virginia divorce attorney?

It can be hard to afford to hire an attorney to represent you in your divorce case, even if you wish you could. If the money isn’t there, it just isn’t there—no matter how badly you need the legal help. I get it. In fact, I see it all the time. Lots of women come…

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