Unmarried, Stay at Home Virginia Mom: Will I have to get a job?

We talked the other day about being an unmarried stay at home mom, what happens after you and your child’s father break up, and what options you have to support yourself. Without spousal support as an option, you’re pretty much limited to child support – which is a difficult position in which to find yourself….

Will I have to get a job after divorce?

In a marriage, you make all sorts of decisions every single day. At some point, a decision that a lot of married couples make, especially if they have children together, is whether one parent should stay at home to care for the children. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s one that, for one reason…

Should I get a job (or a second job) during my Virginia divorce?

Money changes in a divorce. While you might have been comfortable (or at least, somewhat) before, I often hear that women in particular face pretty serious struggles once they separate from their husbands, especially before things like child and spousal support are officially determined. Sure, we can file for divorce and ask for support to…

Can I get a job while my divorce is pending?

Clients fall on either side of the spectrum. Either they do whatever they want, with very little thought for the consequences, or they want to run every little change by you before they make it on the off chance that it’ll somehow impact their case in some kind of way that they might not have…