Should I file for divorce? Or custody? Is there an advantage?

I follow up with women who’ve had consults with us – with any of our attorneys, not just the ones who meet with me – after their appointments, just to make sure that they got their questions answered in the appointment. I find that, in a lot of cases, they either forgot to ask something,…

Do I need grounds for divorce? What if I don’t have any?

Though I’ve only ever practiced family law in Virginia, I’m pretty sure that everywhere – Virginia included – requires grounds in order to finalize a divorce. In Virginia, those grounds can be either fault based or no fault based. Whether you choose to file on fault or no fault depends, of course, on the facts;…

Grounds for Virginia Divorce

My college roommate/best friend texted me this morning to ask whether, in my professional opinion, a recent transgression of her husband’s was grounds for divorce. She included a picture, of a bottle of syrup, with the name “Vermont Maid” proudly displayed across the bottle. I should probably also mention: my friend, Erin, is from Vermont….

What is a corroborating witness in Virginia? Who can be one?

In Virginia, you often need a corroborating witness in your divorce case. You can use a corroborating witness for all sorts of things, but usually its related to providing that your grounds — whether fault or no fault – are proven to the satisfaction of the judge. It’s not enough for you to testify to…