Can I fire my family law attorney?

It’s not like it’s something that happens every day, but, sometimes, things don’t work out between a client and an attorney. Sometimes, it’s the fault of the attorney (hey, you already know it – we’re not perfect); sometimes, it’s the fault of the client; sometimes, it’s situational. You can fire your family law attorney –…

What’s it like working with a Virginia divorce lawyer?

Almost two years ago now, I was in a car accident. (Let me just say, at the beginning, that it wasn’t my fault, and the other driver was cited.) It was a pretty serious one, too, because it totaled my car (and I loved that car!) and injured me. Years ago, way back when I…

Can I fire my divorce attorney? Can my divorce attorney fire me?

As with most legal problems, when it comes to the question of firing your attorney (or, on the other hand, being fired by your attorney), there is both a short answer and a long answer. Today, we’re going to talk about hiring and firing, and what happens when this comes up in your own case….

I don’t like my Virginia divorce attorney. What should I do?

It happens sometimes that an attorney and a client don’t seem to be able to see eye to eye. Obviously it’s not a best case scenario for anyone involved, but it certainly has happened before. When things go wrong with your attorney, what should you do? It’s a pretty stressful situation, of course, especially because…