Annulment and Fraud

I get lots of requests for more information about annulments. Hey, I get it! For one thing, they’re pretty prevalent in the media, and there seems to be this general misconception that an annulment is an easy thing to get – especially if the marriage is really short, or if it wasn’t consummated, or something…

Marriage Annulment

Believe it or not, marriages are not annulled all that often. Despite the fact that everyone has heard of annulment and thinks that it (like common law marriage) is a real possibility, in most cases, at least in Virginia, marriage annulment is just not something that happens. It’s possible, of course—but definitely not very likely….

How do I get an annulment in Virginia?

Things aren’t working out and, for one reason or another, you are probably wondering whether divorce is the only option available to you. Maybe your husband lied to you about something critically important; a lie, frankly, without which you would not have married him. Maybe you realized your mistake really quickly; maybe you realized it,…

Virginia Annulment

Marriages end for all sorts of reasons. In most cases, marriages end in divorce, and it’s cut and dry and fairly simple. Though different issues, like a business valuation, complicated equitable distribution, or a custody battle can drag things out and make an otherwise simple divorce take longer, most divorces follow a predictable pattern. But…