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My marriage isn’t working out. What should I do?

My marriage isn’t working out.  What should I do? There’s not a lot of things that feel scarier than divorce. It’s a big change, and it impacts all areas of your life. I think probably the scariest parts aren’t even what will happen to your retirement accounts or your house, but the ideological shift that…

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Support Guidelines in Virginia Military Divorce

In many ways, military divorce isn’t all that different from civilian divorce. In other ways, though, there are a lot of nuances and other confusing tidbits that can make it seem a lot more difficult, and make it more difficult to get answers. After all, the military isn’t out to help you, if you’re married…

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Negotiating Your Virginia Divorce

Most of the time, divorce is a negotiating process. It’s like haggling and, if you’re like me, and haggling always made you super uncomfortable, don’t worry. It’s really not so bad. There is a lot of posturing, though, and oftentimes the first offer isn’t a very good offer (so the tendency is for some women…

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Veteran’s Day: Honoring Female Service Members and Military Wives

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we want to say thank you (in some small way) to the women involved. Whether you’re the active duty military service member or you’re the wife and mother keeping up the home front, we’re grateful of your sacrifices. Don’t think we don’t know how hard it can be. With years…

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