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Virginia Same Sex Custody and Visitation Cases: Part Two

On Monday, we talked about issues that gay parents face in custody and visitation cases, with specific emphasis on couples who have always been gay. I don’t say “always” to ignite any kind of nature or nurture debate, but merely to illustrate that there are some differences between gay partners who had children together and…

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Virginia Same Sex Custody and Visitation Cases: Part One

When it comes to custody cases where same sex relationships are an issue, things get complicated really, really quickly, mostly because there are all sorts of different types and categories of relationships that fall under this heading. Not only that, but same sex relationships and how they’re treated, especially as it relates to custody and…

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Termination of Spousal Support for Same Sex Couples

Ever since the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Obergefell case, same sex couples have been recognized in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Of course, there’s definitely a difference between a decision at the Supreme Court level being more or less forced upon the states involved and a decision made by the state’s own Supreme…

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