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Avvo, FindLaw, SuperLawyers: What does it mean?

Virginia legal directories: Avvo, Findlaw, Superlawyers It’s hard to pick an attorney. How do you know who is any good? How do you know whether they’ve handled cases like yours? How do you know whether they’re as comfortable in a courtroom as behind a desk? How do you know…anything at all? Law firm websites are…

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Divorce during the holidays: part two

On Monday, we talked about how hard it is to think about divorce during the holidays, and we began to answer some of the more common frequently asked questions we get. We talked about when it was time to leave, if you could make him leave, and whether he’d be responsible for paying for your…

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Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Hiring an attorney is a pretty scary thing. Even picking up the phone to call and get some preliminary information is terrifying for some people—myself included! I really prefer to do things as anonymously as possible, especially in preliminary stages. I understand that asking for information is difficult, and that you’re feeling a little afraid…

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6 Things Women Wish They Knew About Divorce Beforehand

Whenever I’ve gone through something new, it seems like I inevitably have this moment, at the end, when I think, “I would have done _____ differently if I had just known ______.” Of course, it’s impossible to know everything you would have liked to have known but, if you’re anything like me, you always try…

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