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Quote for Divorce Costs

Quote for Divorce Costs We get a lot of questions about costs in a divorce case. It’s probably unsurprising, because we’re inundated with the bad stuff about divorce – how much it costs, how long it takes, the damage it causes the children, etc. But, the thing is, divorce isn’t always a bad thing, or,…

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I want him to pay for my divorce attorney’s fees

I want him to pay for my divorce attorney’s fees Here we are again – talking about attorney’s fees. It’s really one of the biggest issues, because everyone wants an attorney, but no one wants to pay what it costs. In almost ever case I’ve ever worked on, there has been a point where my…

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Attorney Costs in a Separation Agreement Case

It’s scary to hire an attorney. It’s especially scary because you don’t know what to expect. You know it’ll be expensive, but what does that mean? You want to call an attorney to find out what your options are—but you’re also kind of scared. Attorneys don’t really post their rates on their websites, so how…

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