What goes into the child support calculation?

What goes into the child support calculation? There are a LOT of pieces of information that go into a child support calculation, and it’s probably easiest to understand if we delve into each of those pieces of information. As you probably already know, child support is based on a formula, and that formula is binding…

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Can I get a job while my divorce is pending?

Clients fall on either side of the spectrum. Either they do whatever they want, with very little thought for the consequences, or they want to run every little change by you before they make it on the off chance that it’ll somehow impact their case in some kind of way that they might not have…

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Virginia Spousal Support: New Tax Laws

Spousal support is a pretty loosey goosey area of law anyway; though there are “guidelines” we can use to calculate an appropriate level of spousal support, those guidelines aren’t binding on any of the courts in Hampton Roads. So, unlike child support, spousal support amounts (and more than that, the duration of a spousal support…

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