Social Media and the Kids In some families, it’s a constant tug-o-war where the kids are concerned. Almost every issue that it is possible to fight over can and, in some cases, will be fought over. I find that, more and more often, the children’s social media presence is one of those issues. One parent…

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Issues with iCloud in Divorce

Issues with iCloud in Divorce On Monday, we discussed issues that women face in divorce and custody cases as it relates to their social media accounts. Whether your social platform of choice is Facebook (if you’re old like me) or if you’re younger and hipper and are on Instagram or Snapchat, social media use is…

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Social Media Divorce Support

  Social Media Divorce Support We’ve talked a lot about social media and its various attendant issues as it relates to divorce and custody cases. We’ve talked about issues with Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter and Instagram and even other sources – like crowdfunding, blogging, and online dating sites like Tinder. Technology is great in…

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Protecting Yourself on Social Media During a Divorce or Custody Case

In all kinds of cases these days, Facebook is an issue, and divorce and custody cases are no exception. Though most of us have readily accepted social media as a constant presence in our lives, as an attorney I have to cringe a little whenever I think of what my clients are doing online. It’s…

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6 Things You Should Know About Social Media and Divorce

Everyone is on social media these days, and it seems that, over time, the lines between what is appropriate to share and what is inappropriate to share have become blurred. Some people are tempted to share absolutely everything, including details on every single thing they ate that date, how they feel about some guy who…

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Social Media and Divorce: What Ashley Madison Has Taught Us

Social media is fast becoming a really serious problem in divorce and custody cases, and not just for husbands who were caught with profile on Ashley Madison. Social media sites are all over the place, and easily offer millions and millions of people the opportunity to screw up their relationships pretty much 24/7. If the…

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