When do I give up divorce negotiation and go to court?

It’s the million dollar question: “When do I give up negotiation and go to court?” At some point in many cases, there’s a time where it seems like further negotiations are pointless. When you’re at an impasse, and you just want your divorce finalized already, it’s easy to wonder whether going to court wouldn’t just…

Four Way Settlement Conference

There’s not a lot of magic when it comes to being a divorce lawyer. I think that a lot of people think there is – magic words we put in agreements, or magic tactics we have to make the unmanageable somehow manageable. The truth is, though, that (although I wish there were), there’s nothing very…

What to expect at a judicial settlement conference

What to expect at a judicial settlement conference Judicial settlement conferences can happen for a couple of different reasons.  If your divorce is contested, oftentimes courts require that you have a judicial settlement conference before your trial, in an attempt to encourage the parties to settle on their own without the judge’s involvement.  (If your…

Four Way Settlement Conferences in Virginia Divorce

Negotiations in divorce can take all sorts of forms, depending on what’s appropriate under the specific circumstances. In a lot of cases, negotiations start out in the form of letters. We draft a separation agreement (or the other side does, depending on who was hired first), and then we negotiate back and forth in writing….