Will my new boyfriend hurt my Virginia custody case?

Let’s face it, one day, you’ll date again. For some, of course, it happens much sooner than others but, in the majority of cases, it happens. If you have children with your ex, no matter what else might happen, dating because exponentially more difficult. How do you talk about new boyfriends with the children? When…

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Virginia custody seminar for moms

Gearing up to face a custody case – especially if you can’t afford to hire an attorney to help you – is pretty terrifying. Though there’s no question that divorce cases are difficult, both emotionally and financially, it’s the custody cases that tend to make otherwise sane people totally panic. It’s completely understandable. Until you…

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Virginia Custody and Visitation Agreements

Even though not all parents stay together forever, not all parents need to go to court to have a custody and visitation arrangement set in stone, either. In fact, lots of parents are ultimately able to decide among themselves (or just let things work out on the fly). Of course, there’s no right or wrong…

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Child Custody in Relocation Cases

Most of the time, custody isn’t a “win or lose,” “all or nothing,” proposition. Usually, when parents fight over custody, the judge winds up awarding some kind of shared custodial arrangement where both parents share a lot of time with the kids. It’s not necessarily 50/50, but both parents get to be with the kids…

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