Lori Michaud

Hofheimer Family Law Attorneys to Speak at Advanced Family Law Seminar

Hofheimer Family Law Attorneys to Speak at Advanced Family Law Seminar Every year, there are lots of changes to the law. It changes on a local level — each individual court is responsible for setting and enforcing specific rules of practice within their courtrooms. It changes on a state level – each year in July,…

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Lori Michaud to teach Virginia CLE for Local Lawyers

Lori Michaud has practiced law for over thirty years, so it should probably come as no surprise that she has learned a thing or two in that time. She is somewhat unique to our firm in the sense that she has such a wide array of experience; she has worked for very, very large firms…

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Military Divorce: Pension Division and Survivor Annuity

Our newest attorney, Lori Michaud, may be new to us, but she’s not at all new to the practice of law. Licensed in Virginia, New York, and New Jersey, Lori has been practicing since the mid 1980s, and, in that time, has built an impressive reputation for herself. This year, Lori was asked to teach…

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I want to hire an attorney. But who should I hire?

If you’re thinking about hiring an attorney, you’ve probably, at some point, wondered who you would hire. If you’re here, I’m assuming that you’re at least considering our firm, so I wanted to make sure that I wrote a brief article telling you all about the attorneys we have practicing with us. That way, when…

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